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a girl with the basket 1

macrina weer
macrina weer | Alzenau | am 27.03.2018 | 14 mal gelesen

I had left New Delhi for the Himalayas. I was going as far as Bareilly by train and then by car to Ranikhet-an old British Army hill station located on a 6,000-foot ridge opposite a 120-mile stretch of snow-capped Himalayas. The train was slow; and it stops at all the way stations. At every stop I swung open the door of my compartment, and walked the platform. The platforms were packed with people- Sikhs,...

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The poor man from ppganj

macrina weer
macrina weer | Alzenau | am 27.03.2018 | 13 mal gelesen

There is a lot because of his poverty. In reality he was the son of a famous and rich father. Unfortunately, since the father had died in a distant place, he did not know that. Consequently he was spending his life in abject poverty and misery. One day astrologer visited him. 'Why are you unhappy? Your father was very wealthy, but he did not disclose his wealth to you because he died elsewhere. 'The astrologer then informed...